Film artists in the now

David Flinch

I'll admit: it was their responsive website that sealed the deal. Such a clean design, so easy to navigate, a delightful experience! It had everything I needed: a detailed portfolio, a sincere description of the team, contact information galore and all their social media links right there in the menu.

It's easy to navigate on both laptops and mobile devices, and I still have to make my mind up on which of these two layouts I like best.

I'll have mine to go, please

Albert Weinstein

As a globetrotting anthropologist, it's been very hard to find professionals to tag along with me and document my work. Let's face it: not all videographers care about their portfolio site being mobile-friendly. I was fortunate enough to come across the guys that do, and I am forever grateful. I was so intrigued by their online presence that I went over my head to access it from a computer. Wowza! Talk about simplicity and effectiveness! Double wowza when I found out it is actually a website template designed specifically for videographers.

Guess who's signing up for a free trial. That's right, this guy!

New and improved!

Michael Woods

I've been with a small production company for seven years without realizing why we were drawing an outdated clientele - our website was so ancient, only Indiana Jones would have drooled over it. While our ideas were innovative and fresh, our clients' demands seemed to be coming to us through a time loop straight from the 1920, minus the glamour. Determined to change our crummy appearance and on a tight budget, we turned to a responsive website template that is easy to use and customize. Fast forward to our present time, we are currently shooting the world's biggest e-sports event of the year.