How does a videographer get new assignments?

That used to be a hard one. We video guys couldn't just whip up our portfolio books and allow our clients to flip through our work. When Vimeo came along, it gave us a platform to upload our videos; one year later came YouTube. Still, sending a client a link to a third party website didn't make quite the impression we were hoping for. At least not at first glance, and that matters; A LOT. By all standards, before the video started we were just some guys with online content. Snowflakes in a storm.

Well, the snow thawed, the season changed and here comes spring with a website of our own - a template we can customize to our needs, one that fits our values and work ethics. An online oasis of our own that allows us to embed videos from our preferred uploading source. Most importantly, a website that is responsive and looks great on any mobile device. Now, we videographers can also carry our portfolios with us and access them on the go.

So how do we get new jobs? We whip out our phones and dazzle you with all our skills on OUR website.

Impressed yet?

This website template works great for both videographers and photographers who like dipping their toes in the film scene.